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So you’ve decided to encapsulate your placenta! Now what??? Here are the directions to signup get started working with Atlanta Placenta and your check list for what to do before, during and after your birth. As always, if you have any questions about any of our services, please feel free to contact or call us. We always offer a free initial phone consultation.

1. Decide which Services or Package you want. We usually pickup at your place of birth so please check our Service Area to see if an “Out of Area” fee will apply.

2. Complete the Client intake form (online and super quick)
If you have any trouble filling out this form online, please visit this page:

3. Secure your services by paying the deposit. *  ——————–>
* All deposits are non-refundable. By processing a payment for any amount you are acknowledging that you understanding and agree to this policy.

4. Print, read and sign the Liability waiver release form. This contract, along with the Release form (next step), will be due when we pick up the placenta. (Feel free to text or email a picture if that is easier)

5. Print out the Health Information and Placenta Release Form. Bring it to your next prenatal visit and have your care provider fill out and sign the required information. Sign and date. Please provide this completed form or a copy of your recent STD panel to us upon pickup of your placenta. (There is also a Hospital release form for your hospital if they need it.)

6. Specify in your birth plan that you will be keeping your placenta. You may have to sign a release form if you are birthing in hospital.

7. Read Information on Delayed Cord Clamping

8. Pack two gallon-size Ziploc bags with your name and phone number written on one, in your birth bag or suitcase.

9. If you are birthing at the hospital, bring a small cooler with you to keep your placenta cold until pick-up. Feel free to keep this in your car during your birth. Some local hospitals require the placenta to ‘leave the premises’ within 2 hours of birth. If this happens, just place your placenta in your cooler in your car with LOTS of ice and call us immediately so we can arrange pickup.

10. After your baby is earthside, please call or text 678-744-9766 so we can arrange pick-up.

Secure your service now by paing your $75 placenta encapsulation deposit here:

signup for placenta encapsulation with Atlanta Placenta

11. Most hospitals in the Atlanta area will pack the placenta up for you. If they do not do this, just place the placenta in one of the gallon zip-lock baggies and seal it up. Then place that bag (with the placenta) inside the other baggie with lots of ice and call us at 678-744-9766.

12. We will then make arrangements for pickup. Please make sure the placenta is either on ice or in a refrigerator with 2 hours after birth and stay on ice until we pick up.

13. We can usually have the placenta completed within 48-72 hours. We will contact you when the encapsulation is finished to arrange delivery.

14. When we deliver your placenta, we will go over how to use your placenta pills and tincture. At that time, the remainder of the payment is due.

checklist for placenta encapsulation

Checklist of items to bring to hospital or birth center:

  • Signed and initialed Placenta and Health Release form, and Placenta Encapsulation Agreement.
  • Placenta Encapsulation Checklist for reference.
  • Small cooler or container to keep placenta on ice.
  • For birth center or home births: two gallon-sized Ziploc bags with your name and phone number written on them.
  • Birth plan specifying that you are keeping placenta.

At Atlanta Placenta, your safety is our top priority.  All placentas are processed in a dedicated work space used only for placenta encapsulation and all of our equipment has been carefully chosen to maintain the integrity of the placenta throughout the process. We also maintain our schedule so that only 1 placenta is present at a time so you are guaranteed that it is your placenta your are getting back.

We DO:

We only process ONE placenta at a time per work space so you are always guaranteed to get you placenta back!
– Use temperature-controlled dehydrator to protect the integrity of the placenta.
– Use grinder & capsule machines that fully disassemble for complete sanitation
– Use a ceramic knife or scissors for even cutting and complete sterilization
– Currently certified and follow all OSHA and Georgia Food Handling standards
– Use a double sterilization process
– Use all natural gelatin or vegetarian capsules
– Train all of our encapsulation specialists to the very highest and current standards!

We DO NOT use:

– Use an oven for dehydrating or a dehydrator that does not have a temperature control function
– Use a grinder or any other equipment that cannot be fully disassembled and thoroughly sanitized
– Process more than one placenta at a time.

If you have further questions about the safety of our processing methods, please feel free to Contact Us!

safety first

Placenta's encapsulated and counting!

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