About Us

Welcome to Atlanta Placenta. Atlanta Placenta is the brain child of Stephanie Banguilan and Donna Terrazas. We have been friends for years each doing our own thing. One night, sitting at the dinner table, we decided that we needed to join forces to offer services that are just not available.  We both have a profound calling to help all people and specifically, women and babies. Below you will find a little more about each of us.


The most common question from a mom who is just learning about placenta encapsulation is TCM or RAW? Here is a brief description of the difference in the preparation methods and “mother know best”! A lot of the times, mom will have a feeling that one will work better for her and at Atlanta Placenta, we always honor that innate knowing!

Service Area

Below is a list of all of the Atlanta area hospitals that we serve. If your hospital is not in the list, please email us to see if we service that area. Even if you are too far for us, we can still help.

"Prepare yourself for a happy postpartum! Call 678-852-7307 and take the first step today!"